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About Us

Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC

Plimsoll Specialty was founded by one of the most seasoned teams in the North American Aerospace Insurance sector with the goal of becoming the leading wholesale Aviation and Aerospace Insurance Brokerage House in this highly-specialized segment of the global marketplace.


Our deep bench of veteran aerospace insurance executives brings over 150 years of combined aerospace insurance underwriting and broking experience at the highest levels of the insurance and reinsurance community. Our team members have founded and lead multiple successful aerospace underwriting operations, lead Global aerospace reinsurance teams, brokered reinsurance treaties for some of the biggest aerospace insurance companies in the world and managed litigation on major catastrophic events.


While our roots are in the United States, our experience and mindset is Global. Our team has founded joint ventures with Lloyd’s of London, spent decades developing relationships placing reinsurance treaties with the largest insurers in London and continental Europe and brokered or underwritten reinsurance deals in every part of the world.


Let us put our years of experience and deep knowledge of the worldwide aerospace insurance marketplace to work for you!

Experience Highlights

  • Team members founded and successfully lead two of the largest and most profitable Aerospace Insurance Underwriting Operations in North America


  • Deep knowledge, relationships and experience in the international aviation insurance/ Re-insurance marketplace


  • Decades of Experience structuring aviation reinsurance programs with limits of over $300,000,000 USD on portfolios of aerospace insurance as large as $150,000,000 USD.


  • Extensive experience developing and implementing Quantitative Pricing Models for Aviation and Aerospace underwriting, several of which are still being used by underwriters in the market.


  • Created and structured some of the largest and most successful programs in the aviation insurance marketplace


  • Years of experience overseeing aerospace claims teams and managing catastrophic litigation


  • Experience overseeing aviation and aerospace safety and loss control advisory teams.


  • The experience and sophistication to creatively structure complex quota share and excess placements and administer large self-insured retentions

What is a Plimsoll?

The Plimsoll line is a reference mark located on a ship's hull that indicates the maximum depth to which the vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo

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